Little About Me

Karine Grazia (b.1986) is a freelance artist who lives and works in Italy and Estonia.

Her parents encouraged her creativity since early childhood, allowing her to draw on the children’s room wallpaper. She built her first easel at the age of eight.

In 2011 she graduated from Euroacademy with a degree in interior architecture.

Karine paints abstracts with acrylics.

When creating her work, it is important for her to take into account the interior where the order goes. She desires to create an ideal environment, where people would feel comfortable. A picture on the wall can create a completely new feeling in the room. Since she has studied interior architecture, this is where it is possible to combine the two parts. The result is exactly what she wants to achieve through art. She enjoys her work and likes to create, the best feeling is to get positive feedback from others. Karine has said: “I like to leave beauty behind and share the harmony with which I can delight my clients and partners. I create art for art’s sake.”

Exhibitions 2025:

  • Artifact Art Gallery in New York; 7-26 May

Exhibitions 2024:

  • Art3f International Contemporary Art Fair in Zurich; 12-14 April

Exhibitions 2023:

  • Design and Architecture gallery in Tallinn; “Ikigai, Abracadabra, Fika and other paintings”; 3-22 July
  • Gaudi Gallery in Madrid; 13-20 January

Exhibitions 2022:

  • Monat Gallery in Madrid; “Unattainable”; 16 December-16 January
  • Espacio Gallery in London; 6-10 December
  • European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona; “4 Bienal de Arte Barcelona” 18-20 November
  • Carrousel du Louvre in Paris;  “Art Shopping”; 21-23 October
  • Orangery Palace in Austria;  Art Vienna International Fair 15-18 September
  • Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello in Venice; “Rituals” 15 April-5 May
  • Gallery 24B in Paris; “Women’s essence” 21-24 April
  • Monat Gallery in Madrid; “Visions From the Unknown” 13 April-13 May
  • Superstudio Maxi in Milan; “(Un)Fair”  8-10 April
  • Palazzo Pisani-Revedin, Futeres Art Gallery in Venice; “Never Again” 2-28 April
  • The Room Contemporary Art Space in Venice; “Canvas Venice International Art Fair 2022” 3-25 March
  • Palazzo Maffei Marescotti, La Pigna Gallery in Rome; “State of Art” 28 January-4 February

Exhibitions 2021:

  • Palazzo Pisani-Revedin, Futeres Art Gallery in Venice; “Art Collection” 4-31 December
  • 14 June-14 October
  • International Contemporary Art Fair in Luxembourg 17-19 September
  • Palazzo Saluzzo dei Rolli in Genova; “Distanze” 1-15 June
  • Ess&Rre Gallery in Rome; “Daydreaming” 10-16 April
  • M.A.D.S Art Gallery in Milan; “Love my body” 19-28 February
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